The company

Brief history of Amoobi

Amoobi is a fast growing retail tech scale-up based in Nivelles, Belgium and New York, New York. The company was founded in 2011 by Fabrice Dossin, Laurent Gosselin and Olivier Delangre from the labs of the University of Brussels, leveraging cutting research from the University. Our in-store customer tracking solution is used by leading retailers and brands across the world to improve space performance. Amoobi raised multiple rounds of funding among private investors and the chairman of its board is Pierre-Olivier Beckers, former CEO of Delhaize Group.

Our mission

Amoobi is a world leader for in-store analytics, with a deep understanding of shopper behavior and a powerful analytics platform that has been shown to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. We use innovative 3D sensor technology to map the store floors of brick-and-mortar retailers and measure the unique, individual movements of customers. We translate these movements into data that retailers and brands can use to understand what their customers are doing on the store floor. Amoobi also offers the tools and methodology to solve the space management dilemma of stores. Through data and our methodologies, we help category managers and retailers understand how to optimize the space so that it is logical for customers and performing well for the categories and the store.

Our values

Here are our 5 pillars for a professional and sustainable work.


When we decided to dive into our entrepreneurial adventure, we knew that a lot of work was ahead of us, on a long and complex path. We knew we were about to make a bet on the future. It was clear for us though that we didn’t want to accomplish this at the sacrifice of our friendship and the atmosphere in the team. At Amoobi, we value time to be together, exchange about different topics, take time to do other things, take time to play. This is reflected in the energy in the group and the energy we put into any one of our projects. If you want to join the team, be prepared to have some serious fun !


When we first started to work on the development of Amoobi, the amount of things to be done was huge. Today, there are still a lot of things to improve and evolve to satisfy our clients. Being in a fast changing world and on a new market, it’s easy to feel the pressure and to be willing to do anything to satisfy our clients. However, we have an important rule: we ship quality products. Of course, sometimes we need to focus on speed vs completeness of the solution but we always focus on the quality of the product and insights. In the long term, we believe that it will be beneficial to our clients and thus beneficial for us as a company.


We strongly believe that the efficiency of the team is the cornerstone of our success and that’s why we place a lot of importance on the team dynamic. We win and we lose as a team, and we value the commitment of the team to make it through challenging times. We put a lot of importance in selecting new team members, who have a good fit with our values and the existing team. The team is also the virtual teams we create between our colleagues and our customers because our partnership model involves a clear and deep interaction with our customers.


When you have products like ours, there is part of the solution that is not visible to the client. What’s inside the tool, the algorithms, cannot be fully and precisely detailed all the time. But that doesn’t mean that we can lie about it. Some companies are willing to promise anything. At Amoobi, we don’t want to promise something we can’t deliver. We don’t promise impossible results, impossible precision or impossible timings. Of course, we always try to do our best and to satisfy our clients. But we come in an open and transparent way so that our clients understand what can be done and what can’t.


When we engage with customers on projects, it’s vital for us to provide a high quality result, as we aim to support our customers in their strategic decisions. We do everything we can to deliver the high quality promised. As a team, we are fully committed to providing the best possible result, and the team will work relentlessly to provide the best possible outcome. We apply this commitment to every phase of our projects.