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ASK software from Amoobi helps Retail Media teams better understand the best location for in-store digital touchpoints but also helps define the offline attribution model. Analytics from Amoobi can also be part of a data monetization strategy.


Identify the hotspots for in-store engagement

Use heatmaps to understand where the biggest opportunities to engage with shoppers are and position digital touchpoints in-store. Define a clear engagement metric for advertisers.

Understand the attribution model

Measure the impact of in-store digital signage on conversion. Is in-store digital influencing positively traffic and purchase?

Measure the impact of offline campaigns

Assess the exact impact from offline campaigns and understand if they drive traffic and engagement to the endcap and/or the category.

Impactful results


Typical stops in front of endcaps per store visit


Average dwell time per stop (sec)


Time spent in front of an endcap (sec)


Variation in traffic between best and worst location (x)


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